Presiding Bishop Will Not Seek Re-election

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Presiding Bishop Schori Issues Press Release Stating She Will Not Seek Re-election

This morning the Episcopal Church released a statement from Presiding Bishop Katharine Schori that confirmed she will not seek to be re-elected for a second, nine-year term as Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church.

She writes:

“I have spent many months in discernment about how I am being called to serve God’s people and God’s creation in this season.  I have resisted the assumption by some that presiding bishops can only be elected to serve one term, knowing the depth of relational work and learning that is involved in this ministry.  There is a tradeoff between the learning curve and the ability to lead more effectively as a result of developed relationships both within and beyond this Church.  At the same time, I recognize that standing for election as Presiding Bishop carries the implicit expectation that one is ready to serve a full term.  I do not at present believe I should serve and lead in this ministry for another nine years.”

Bishop Schori went on to say she will spend her time after stepping down working to “engage us in becoming a more fully diverse Church, spreading the gospel among all sorts and conditions of people, and wholeheartedly devoted to God’s vision of a healed and restored Creation.”


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Bishop Schori’s full press release.

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