Advent Around the World and on Your Phone

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Trinity joins the worldwide #AdventWord project


Grief counselors. Teenagers. Bishops. AP Literature teachers. Single moms.  They come from all walks of life and from all over the country and world. And they’re all contributors to the Anglican Communion’s #AdventWord project.

Here’s the idea: Episcopalians (and Anglicans) around the world consider a word each day of Advent, and then upload a picture to Instagram that they’d like to pair with it. Then, they help index the photo using the hashtag #AdventWord.

The result: Instagram has come alive with Episcopalians.

Each day’s contributions form an exciting mediation as users worldwide reflect upon a word, its relationship to their lives and Advent, and then go searching for a photo they think fits. I find myself pondering others’ photographs, making connections in my own mind, perusing captions.

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Some photos are lighthearted, some very direct and obvious, others simply offering a photo of great beauty reflecting the wonder of God.  More than a few were poignant enough to keep me staring at them for several minutes.

Trinity’s joined in, too—we have an Instagram account, and we’re participating right along with the rest of the world. I can assure you it’s more of a challenge than you’d think to find the right picture. There are no rules, though, and if you don’t get it right one day, there’s always tomorrow to try again.

Aside from the fun of the project, I’ve been delighted to watch as Trinity’s own Instagram feed, where we normally post pictures from around our parish, has nearly tripled in size since the beginning of Advent. Most of these new followers come from outside our community, but it’s a powerful testament to the breadth of social media.  —James Hogan



#Look (30 Nov)
#Remember (1 Dec)
#Imagine (2 Dec)
#Thrive (3 Dec)
#Abide (4 Dec)
#Notice (5 Dec)
#Watch (6 Dec)
#Show Up (7 Dec)
#Respond (8 Dec)
#Encourage (9 Dec)
#Wake Up (10 Dec)
#Breathe (11 Dec)
#Act (12 Dec)
#Risk (13 Dec)
#Expand (14 Dec)
#Focus (15 Dec)
#Experience (16 Dec)
#Become (17 Dec)
#Beautify (18 Dec)
#Heal (19 Dec)
#Thank (20 Dec)
#Ask (21 Dec)
#Relate (22 Dec)
#Delight (23 Dec)
#Love (24 Dec)
#Receive (25 Dec)




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