The 100 Campaign: Why Pledge?

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We’ve had an encouraging response so far to The 100 Campaign, and as we wind down the calendar year, we wanted to remind you of the importance of sending in your pledge to Trinity.

Why pledge? It’s a good question—and one we hear from time to time. Pledging your gifts to Trinity for the year enables our budget committee to best anticipate what our parish’s contributions might be. That, in turn, helps the committee as they plan our expenditures.

Trinity’s budget is mostly devoted to supporting our parish staff; behind personnel costs, utility expenses and upkeep capture the next biggest portion of the budget. Beyond that: support for worship, outreach, youth ministry, and other programs.

Pledging your intentions to give to Trinity helps our budget committee plan with confidence, and it also allows us to know what resources are available to begin increasing support in other, critical areas of our ministry.

Remember our goals: pledging 1,000 hours of service in our parish and community, inviting 100 visitors to worship with us, involving 100 members in programs around our parish, meeting 100 percent of last year’s campaign, and securing 100 pledge units.


Download your pledge form here: 100 Campaign pledge form


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