Time for a Tender Touch

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ABOVE: Trinity’s Memorial Garden in this winter’s snow. The garden has several plants that are overgrown and in danger of becoming diseased.

Trinity’s Vestry approves plans to bring new life to Trinity’s Memorial Garden.


A group of volunteers including several master gardeners have met several times to study the condition of the Memorial Garden and recommend improvements in planting material and garden layout to the Vestry.

After meeting several times with landscape designer Jan Feimster they recommended they presented the following improvements to the Vestry.

First, many of the shrubs are in poor health and need to be removed. Several are healthy but overgrown. The group recommended that the hollies along next to the windows be cut back. Two will be removed to provide more light for the camellia behind them. The two Sasanqua Camellias will be treated for scale and trimmed to a shape that will encourage healthy blooms. Plants in decline will be removed. Dead Ivy will be removed but living ivy plants will be left behind.

Secondly, the group will meet with Jan Feimster to select plant materials that will thrive in the Memorial Garden’s environment. They are also studying the use of blue stone slate as a material for the area where grass has not successfully thrived. A low ground cover will be planted between the stones. The group will meet with the Vestry with their recommendation on a planting plan.

Finally, as a long range goal, the group is meeting with a designer of water features to determine if the water and electric service available to the Memorial Garden is sufficient to support a water feature. If resources are suitable the designer will give the group a price for designing and constructing such a feature, and they will discuss the installation of such a feature with the Vestry.

Items 1 and 2 will be funded through volunteer hours and donations. A funding plan for the water feature will accompany the presentation.

After hearing the recommendations of the Memorial Garden volunteers the Vestry unanimously moved to permit the first steps in maintenance of the garden.  Lynn Lawton, who presented to the group, stressed that no soil or dirt from the garden will be removed whatsoever.

The church will hold a volunteer work day at the Memorial Garden on March 7th to trim back and remove plant material from 11:00 to 1:00.  Tarps for dragging plant materials to the curb would be of great help.  —Rob Hites, Junior Warden


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