Praying for Those in the Armed Forces

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A closer look at two of the service members we remember in our weekly prayers at Trinity.


Above: Master Sergeant Steve DiFiore, wife Jennifer, Thea (their hosted exchange student); front: daughters Isabella and Mackenzy


Every Sunday, when our congregation is led in the Prayers of the People, we always take time to remember those serving in the Armed Forces—a list of names that rarely changes week to week, one that becomes quickly familiar as we hear the names over and over.

This month, we decided to go out in search of a little more about these folks—and we’re pleased to report back a short bit of information about them to you.

James W. Smith is a Chief Warrant Officer 4 in the United States Navy. He is currently stationed in Jacksonville, NC. Smith is Kaye Taliana’s sister’s nephew.

Smith is a third generation Navy service member; both his father and grandfather served as well. After a career of more than 20 years of service in the Navy, Smith plans to retire this December.

Master Sergeant Steve DiFiore is actively serving in the US Air Force. DiFiore is currently deployed in Iraq, where he’s been stationed since March.

DiFiore is married to Jennifer DiFiore, an ESL teacher at West Iredell High School. The couple has five children: Isabella, Mackenzy, Courtney, Nick, and Steven. The photo above was taken as DiFiore and his crew worked to deliver care packages last Christmas.

Continue to keep James Smith and Steve DiFiore in your prayers—and let us know if there’s someone in the armed forces we can add to our list.


201506Cover110This article originally appeared in the Summer 2015 edition of Trinity Topics. Read more articles from this edition and others here.



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