Out with the old, in with the fun!

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Trinity’s preschoolers are eager to get outside. Thanks to new volunteers, our playground sports new equipment.

In the last few weeks, Trinity’s playground has undergone a dramatic change. As winter’s cold draped about, our parish’s old, wooden playset was removed without ceremony, leaving a bare dirt spot—but only for a little while. Soon, new equipment arrived, and with the help of a strong group of volunteers, the new playset was put into place.

“The new set is much more geared to the three-to-five year-old age group that the preschool serves,” said Amy Lawton, who serves on Trinity’s Preschool board, and who helped spearhead the project. “It’s similar to what we used to have in that there’s a slide, climbing features, tube, etc. This set doesn’t have any metal, though. It’s much safer.”

“Once it warms up we will be leveling the ground out under it and all the swings then spreading mulch. “The playground equipment was purchased from a business in Charlotte that also provided the setup at the Statesville Soccer Park complex. The new playset was purchased using reserve funding from the preschool, with a full match coming from church funds.

Special thanks to Thomas Clendenin, Jonathan Dearman, Bob Foster, Sherry George, Richard Griggs, Josh Hart, Rob Hites, Will Hites, Jim and Lynn Lawton, Bill Leach, Brad Mullis, Laura Peters, Jim Rhyne, Andrew Rutter, Chris Shoobridge, Jennefer Sixkiller, and Ron Smith for their help, as well as assistance from Action Jackson Lawncare.



This article was originally published in the Spring 2016 edition of Trinity Topics. Read other articles from this and other editions online here.

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